Jordan Zarate Your Rim of the World Unified School District Board Member

Learning Is My Passion

Students. Teachers. Parents. District Employees. Community Members. The board of Rim of the World Unified School District has an obligation to serve you. All of these stakeholders deserve the utmost respect and what we have to say matters. It’s time to listen, understand, empathize, then act.

Community Clean up 2018

I passionately believe that our school board should reflect the beliefs and values of our community. It is our responsibility, as community members, to prepare our children, as best as we can, to live productive and fulfilling lives.

As a board member I will strive to act as a role model and represent the voice of our community in our education system, taking into consideration the concerns and input of parents, teachers, and residents in order to help our students achieve in all aspects of their academic endeavors.

Being a young, driven entrepreneur, and board member of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, I know how important a strong support system is to continuous growth and success. I have a commitment to the future of the Rim of the World area, and to the students and teachers who will shape that future.

Let’s take our first step, together.